Taka Makassar

For some peoples Taka Makassar is also known or also known for some people as Pulau Gusung. The name of Taka Makassar come from ‘Taka’ which means shallow and ‘Makassar’ come from the sailor who found the island which come from Makassar, an area in Sulawesi island. According to the name, this island is actually a sand bank which is only visible when low tide, when its high tide almost the entire surface of the island is submerged in sea water. Taka Makassar is a tiny piece of heaven, its a small island with white sand beach surrounded by turquoise water. Like other destinations in Komodo Archipelago, this spots is also loved by our guests. Whether it’s because of their experience strolling around the island or sunbathing or capturing their moments with their loved ones. 


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