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About us

We want to make you journey to the Komodo National Park an exeptional Experience

journey to the komodo national park


A story about us

When Fresa Amalia had the opportunity to visit Labuan Bajo back in 2012, to discover the beauty and the wild life of Komodo Islands, she immediately fell in love. Thus she decided to gather all the experience and knowledge she gained to share it to people in a way, that would make her truly happy. She believes, that exploring the islands of Komodo will enrich you with an experience that will last for your whole life.

Started at 2013, we are one of the pioneers in Komodo sailing and continue to take people on an unforgettable journey to the Komoda National Park, as well as an escape from the hustle and bustle of city and everyday-life. With our unique homey-style of sailing, we make Samara your home at sea. We pride ourselves on providing the best, most comfortable sailing trips you will ever experience.

journey to the komodo national park


Sea hospitality

Your safety and comfort is our priority. Samara Liveaboard creates the perfect sailing experience for you and offers exceptional service and hospitality in a relaxed, easy-going and friendly manner.

The friendliness of the crew,  the attentiveness of service, the quality of the product served & the use of local ingredients and the well-presented boat are all important components. These combined with a nice and comfortable boat make for a perfect day on the water.

Samara Liveaboard will make your experience onboard memorable, enjoyable, and fun.



Well Maintained


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    Mischief is a truly luxury wooden yacht build in the traditional Phinisi-Style.