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Let us inspire you with Stories, Movies and Pictures of the Komodo National Park


Stunning Beauty

Gili Lawa A un-inhabitant small island in Komodo Archipelago, in Northern part of Komodo Island and directly facing the Flores Sea. Gili means ‘small/little/tiny’ in locals. Gili Lawa divided into
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The Flying Foxes of Komodo

Kalong Island Based on its named, this island is surrounded by mangrove where thousands bats or flying fox lived. Bats or Flying fox is called Kalong by the local. Kalong
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A Piece Of Heaven

Taka Makassar For some peoples Taka Makassar is also known or also known for some people as Pulau Gusung. The name of Taka Makassar come from ‘Taka’ which means shallow
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Diving with Majestic Mantas

Manta Point One of the perfect spot for those who love nature and specially the underwater life is Manta Point in Labuan Bajo. Manta is quite a gentle giant, because
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The Stunning Pink Beach at Komodo National Park

 Pink Beach Pink beach has become famous destination and a must-visited icon when you are in Labuan Bajo. It has a pink / light reddish sand color and turquoise crystal
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The Magic Padar

Padar Island Padar island is the third largest island part of Komodo National Park. It is administratively under the West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, located between Komodo and Rinca
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