Our Komodo Trip Pictures - Rinca, Padar, Pink Beach, Manta Point:

Stunning Pictures mostly made by Fresa herself and many also with here as Model. Enjoying our Leisure Time Gili Laba Island or Pulau Gili Laba offers some of the most stunning Views over the Komodo National Park. Taka Makassat also called Makassar Strait or Manta Point. Here we usually Stop to swim with the Gentle Mantas befor we go to Pink Beach. Some times we explore the Waters around Kanawy to find the best snorkeling places. We love to do Shootings on Padar Island. The Epic Landscape pays for the hiking. Our Beach set Up invites for romantic Sunsets over at Komodo National Park 

The Samara Yachts - Sailing Komodo

Here You See Pictures taken by Us and Our Guests from Samar I and Samara II. These are Shared Trips or Open Trips as well as Private Charter. These Pictures show both Yachts at different Places. Cruising at Padar Island or Pulau Padar in Indonesian, Anchoring at Pink Beach and Sunset at Kalong Island samara 2 at Rincha Island where the Komodo Dragons live and near to Sebayur Island.

Building Samara - Ready for Komodo

Lets Build a Boat they say.. It is Fun they Say. Well It was a lot of Work at least. It was a Challenge but totaly worth all the blood sweat and tears. To have this two amazing Wooden Yachts cruising the Komodo National Park and effortless Visit the komodo Dragon on Rinca or seeing the Sunset from Gili Lawa or watching the Bats at Kalong is just an Epic Adventure. Since we Commissioned the Boats in Labuan Bajo for Operation in the Komodo National Park we do not loose an opportunity to to do so.

Docking and Upgrading Samara For our Guests

Due to the Covid Situation we decided to invest in to our boats to offer our customers a unique experience in Komodo. Be it for Open Trip or for Private Charter. We massively upgraded both boats with beautiful amenities, sofas and and bars. Of course we also did ad a lot of decorative elements and lighting. the whole process  took about 4 month and about 15’000 man-hours.