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Samara II

Samara II is a truly stunning Yacht. The Idea behind the layout is to give as much space to live to our customers as possible. She is Truly luxurious and build with the finest materials by the best craftsman.  

Samara 2 luxury charter Yacht Komodo

Enjoy Luxury

This luxury phinisi yacht is a spacious 25m modern phinisi boat that is designed to accommodate 10 guests. Given to her layout, she is the ideal yacht for families or a groups of friends. She features four comfortable and beautifully designed cabins and two stunning luxury bathrooms. 

The modern bar in the aft and the front lounge area, as well as the cozy day club and the salon, provide the perfect space for 1o guests

On board we have snorkeling gear to explore the ocean. Of course there is a bluetooth music system,too.

Samara Day-Club View
Bar Samara 2

Chill at the Bar

Enjoying a Glass of Champagne or a Apperol Spritz or maybe a original cocktail such as a fresh Margarita or a Negroni while sailing with your loved ones through the Komodo National Park.

We love to serve you

For lunch and dinner we serve mixed European and Indonesian food. Of course we can adapt our menu to your wishes.

Samara Salon
Front Bedrooms Samara 2

Sleep in Luxury

The Rooms of Samara II are very comfortable and decorated with love to the detail. 


Samara II

Samara luxury boat Sketch

This boat is a traditional phinisi boat with a modern interpretation. The stylish interiors of the boat have been designed to draw in more natural light, bringing out a fresh, bright and relaxing ambience throughout the boat. One of the special feature is the sundeck, which is perfect for sun-bathing and relaxing out in the sun.

The shaded foredeck offers a seating area as well as an outdoor gathering spot. Samara II can accommodate up to 10 guests, with 4 cabins and 2 shared bathrooms with toilet and shower. It is perfect for a small family, romantic cruise and honeymoon.




Rates Include

Not Included

Room Bali

Room Flores

Room Sulawesi

Room Rote

Luxury Phinisi Boat

Room Bali

Room Flores

Front Bedrooms Samara 2
Bedroom Samara

Room Rote

Room Sulawesi

Samara - Komodo

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Occupancy Samara II:

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When arranging your transportation to Labuan Bajo, such as flights, hotels, please take into consideration the below time restrictions for joining and departing from your group. With these times, we have taken into account travel time to/from the airport in Komodo and the required time for check-in or baggage collection.

Your flight must arrive by or before

10:00 on the Arrival Day

Your flight must depart no earlier than:
14:00 on Departure Day