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Terms & Conditions ​

Kebijakan Pembatalan

Untuk setiap pemberitahuan pembatalan yang diterima kurang dari 30 hari sebelum tanggal berlayar, pembatalan yang terlambat akan diberlakukan. Uang muka tidak bisa dikembalikan.
Dalam kasus pembatalan yang terlambat (30 hari sebelum berlayar) total biaya perjalanan tidak akan dikembalikan.
Dalam kasus Force majeure, kami akan menjadwal ulang tanggal berlayar berdasarkan tanggal ketersediaan di masa mendatang.
Kami juga menyarankan untuk mengambil asuransi pembatalan perjalanan.

Force Majeure

Force majeure menggambarkan peristiwa-peristiwa yang tidak terkendali (seperti perang, penghentian tenaga kerja, atau cuaca ekstrem) yang bukan merupakan kesalahan pihak mana pun dan yang membuatnya sulit atau tidak mungkin untuk menjalankan bisnis normal.

Pengaturan Penagihan dan Kebijakan Pembayaran

Pembayaran akan dibebankan kepada pelanggan dalam jumlah penuh dari total biaya yang dipesan dan harus dilunasi dalam waktu 30 hari sebelum tanggal berlayar.
Pembayaran akan diterima melalui transfer bank, kartu kredit atau uang tunai dalam mata uang Rupiah Indonesia.
Biaya bank dalam setiap wesel bank atau transfer yang dikirimkan ke Samara Liveaboard dalam Rupiah atau Dolar AS harus dibebankan kepada agen/tamu.

Prosedur Penagihan

Deposit 30% harus diselesaikan dalam waktu 3 hari kerja setelah menerima faktur.
Jika deposit tidak diterima oleh kami secara penuh pada tanggal jatuh tempo yang berlaku, kami berhak untuk menganggap pemesanan dibatalkan. Pihak dapat memesan ulang tanggal jika slot masih tersedia.
Pembayaran saldo harus dilunasi dalam 30 hari sebelum tanggal berlayar.
Untuk pemesanan yang dilakukan kurang dari 30 hari sebelum tanggal berlayar; jumlah penuh harus dilunasi dalam waktu 7 hari sebelum keberangkatan.

Tarif Termasuk:

Transfer pelabuhan
Sarapan, makan siang, dan makan malam setiap hari di atas kapal Kopi sore setiap hari
Air mineral harian
Peralatan snorkeling

Pengecualian Tarif:

Tiket penerbangan
Hotel di Labuan Bajo
Minuman alkohol
Pengeluaran pribadi
Ucapan terima kasih kru sesuai kebijaksanaan Anda (rekomendasi kami adalah 5% hingga10% dari harga perjalanan)
Biaya masuk ke Taman Nasional Komodo

Waktu Check In & Check Out

Untuk Sewa Pribadi:
Waktu check-in/onboarding mulai pukul 10:00 atau berdasarkan waktu kedatangan penerbangan Waktu check out berdasarkan waktu penerbangan keberangkatan. Untuk Perjalanan Bersama:
Waktu check-in mulai pukul 9:30 pagi (sangat disarankan untuk tiba satu hari sebelum berlayar)
Waktu check out sekitar pukul 2:00

Janji Kami Untuk Anda

Crew Kapal yang

Yang Utama

Cocok untuk

Kapal Pesiar yang
Terawat dengan baik

Apa Kata Pelanggan Kami

Samara 1 Komodo Tablet
“We are two families with eight people and Samara II is an amazing boat! It has plenty of room for us. The chef is great and always ready to serve us. And the captain, Mr. Stefan always ensured that we were safe. We love the crew too, they are amazingly helpful. Not just us, the parents, but also our four teenagers had a great time visiting Komodo National Park. We highly recommend Samara!”
Feri K
“My friends and I wanted to bring our families for a relaxed but fun holiday for our four very energetic kids. We picked Samara II and we were very satisfied. We had the privilege of having Fresa as our chef since their regular chef was on holiday. Fresa made sure our meals were delicious and kids friendly. The crew was not only friendly, but they took care of our rambunctious kids, took us for a picnic on the beach, swimming and snorkeling. They even devised a rope chain link thingy to make sure the kids could just hook their hands on the rope and got towed to see the manta. The rooms were always clean and snacks were available on request. If you want to be spoiled while having a lovely holiday in Labuan Bajo, choose Samara II or its sister boat; Samara I, you will not regret it.”
Michelle A
"This is the third time we booked Samara I for a sailing holiday and as usual, we are totally satisfied. Not only by its luxury and comfort but also the kind and helpful team and crew. Before we go onboard and during the trip. Keep up the good work Samara, and see you soon.”
Ahmad Hasanela
Private Charter Yacht Komodo
“We were two families with a total of nine people staying for 4D3N. The four bedrooms at Samara II was perfect for us. The Samara team picked us up at the airport, arriving from Jakarta. On the quayside grocery store, before going onto the boat, we bought cold drinks to bring on the trip. Very convenient. We also included one day of scuba diving, where the scuba diving company picked us up from the boat one day and we went for diving not far away. Together with the boat crew of six people, this was one of the best trips we ever had (and we have been on many). I would definitely recommend Samara II."
Photo 01-05-19 16.45.17
“Definitely an experience that will never be forgotten! The room was always cool and the beds were clean and comfortable. Surprisingly, my children had no problem sleeping on the boat. We never had to worry about being hungry cause they serve abundant, delicious food from morning til' evening. And to top if off, the entire crew was sensational! Very friendly and never hesitated to help us and to take care of the children. Thank you for the wonderful trip, we will definitely come back again someday”
Pink Beach Komodo
“Best crew, best chef - always making sure that the boat is nice and clean. The kids loved sitting on the deck looking at the breathtaking view of all the islands! All in all, just perfect.”
Komodo View
“We are very and happily satisfied with the boat facilities, especially the delicious food that they served. The crew was friendly and helpful, even though we had a little trouble with unfitting snorkeling equipment, over all my family and I really enjoyed the experience of our holiday in Flores with Samara Liveaboard”
Kenanga Wungu
created by dji camera
“Thank you Samara for the outstanding service and absolutely delicious food! We truly enjoyed our holiday trip. Our kids had a hard time leaving the boat, knowing that the trip had ended.”
“Very well organized, incredibly lively and warm crew. Note worthy, the professional and attentive attitude to every passenger. Very knowledgable and helpful. We had an amazing experience, such as hiking, trekking and snorkeling despite the fact that we are not very "sporty", but the crew made sure we were ok every step of the way. Delicious food and great service. Thank you Samara for making this a memorable experience.”
Joe L
“Our four days on board Samara was one of the most amazingly chill holidays we’ve ever spend. From the moment we arrived at Labuan Bajo airport, untill the drop-off, they took care of everything. The boat was clean and neatly furnished, the full sized beds are comfortable, the AC was cold, the hot shower working well, and all the meals were well balanced and delicious. The crew of six on board, took good care of our group of seven. Who were always present when we needed them and they were never imposing or annoying. For the price we paid, this was excellent value.
Jet Damaso

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