Reopening Komodo

The Reopening of the Komodo National Park is here! 

Come and visit these beautiful landscapes. The wild life and the nature is such unique. With Samara Liveaboard, you can visit many of the islands located here. You can climb to the top of Padar Island, Gili Lawa or many other islands and watch the view you will not see anywhere else.You will see incredible animals like the Komodo Dragon or the Mantas. You can also see the stunning nature of the Komodo National Park. Here are Pink Beaches, cristal clear water and unique sunsets. Watch the Flying Foxes flying through the sunset by chilling on one of our boats and enjoy life at its fullest. Our ships are the best maintained boats you can find in Komodo and our crew is such amazing, too! They will serve you with everything you want and make your time on our boat to an experience you will never forget. 

You can charter a Private Trip with your friends and family, but you can also travel here with a shared trip. There you will meet new people and make friends lasting forever. If you want to have an unique celebration, we will organize it for you. Honeymoon, birthday, Christmas or something else? Just contact us and we help you to make your dreams come true!

How it went

The reopening officially was planed on the 15th of June 2020 at first, but was then canceled in the last minute. Then the National Park says the Park will open for Local People on 9th of July 2020. The Local Government agrees so far but had add some limitations. Only People from Flores itself should be allowed to come here. This was the first Phase. Then, in a second Phase they will allow all Local Indonesians to visit the Park again. How long it takes until foreign tourist will come back remained unclear. 

But now the reopening of the Komodo National Park is here and we are happy to welcome you soon!



Reopening Komodo

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