Flying Foxes Komodo

Kalong Island

This is the place where you can watch the Flying Foxes of Komodo. Based on its name, this island is surrounded by mangroves, where thousands bats and flying foxes live. The locals call Bats or Flying foxes Kalong. Kalong Island is located in a row of small islands inside Komodo National Park area.

The best time to visit Kalong Island is at late afternoon to evening for sunset time. This is program for many tourists travelling with boats. Of course you can watch this spectacle by sailing with Samara, too. In the beginning some bats start flying in circle over the trees. They then continue to fly across the mangroves and many other big groups of bats will follow them and fly thru the sunset. It is like they want to welcome every tourist who watches them from the boat. The combination of these unique sunsets and the flying Foxes of Komodo will be a memory lasting forever. You can enjoy the view over this unique Kalong Island by sitting in a lounge on Samara, talking to each other, drinking a nice cocktail and just enjoy life. Is this not worth a try?

Some of the tourists sometimes want to see the bats near the mangroves or even want to explore inside the mangroves. However, it is not recommended for safety reason . The mangrove where the bats live, is also inhabitant by snakes and other dangerous animals, and it is untouchable by human. However, this island condition makes the Kalong island remain sustainable and safe from those who will destroy the island’s ecosystem. This makes it even more unique, because this untouched nature is not seen very often today.



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