The Batfish

Did you know, that the beautiful batfish can grow up to 50 cm 🐟 ?  The Orbicular batfish does play an important role in his environment. He eats a lot of seaweed, and does stop the weeds from taking over the reefs where he lives. Smaller fish and crustaceans are also on his menue 🐟 . The Batfish Often follows sea turtles, and waits for them to go to the toilet 🐟 . He likes eat the turtles Po. The young batfish are very well camouflaged and they hide in mangroves and lagoons. Adults Batfish have very few Enemies, so they swim in more in the open water. The Komodo National Part is full of plenty of different fish speicies. One of the best places to dive in the World.

Many Divers use a Liveaboard to enjoy the Komodo Nationla Park. You can also explore the park snorkeling and swimming. The Manta Rays are an absolut highlight and you schuld not miss them.

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