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Hi, we are Fresa and Marc.

We want to personally give you a warm welcome here at Samara.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions you might have about visiting Komodo with Samara Liveaboard or what would be the best way to visit Komodo Island.

Share A True Adventure

When 5 years ago we started to build Samara 1 and Samara 2 little we knew about our journey ahead. It was a wild and romantic- but also a very challenging time. Living and Working on a beach surrounded by jungle, dealing with the countless technical aspects of boatbuilding. It was a very intense experience. Seeing and helping this impressive wooden Phinisis coming in to being was worth wile! With a lot of work and the help of many hands we launched this two boats in 2016 and 2017 and started to operate them successfully from the port of Labuan Bajo, the Gate to visit Komodo and the surrounding National Park.

Sail Komodo Save And In True Luxury

Today the Samara Phinisis are among the most successful and well maintained  Yachts in Labuanbajo. We are proud to have delivered extraordinary memories to hundreds of our customers over the las years. Samara today stands for a truly luxury sailing experience in the Komodo National Park. The design- and the technical quality of our boats ensure a seamless and save cruises to all our guests. We strive making your cruise an experience thats worthy to be shared and cherished with your loved ones. We believe in memories that stay for life, and would be delighted to take you on this journey

Share A True Adventure​

When in 2015 we started to build Samara 1 and Samara 2 little we knew about our journey ahead. It was a wild and romantic- but also a very challenging time. Today the Samara Phinisis are among the most successful and well maintained  Yachts in Labuanbajo. We are proud to have delivered extraordinary memories to hundreds of our customers visiting Komodo over the las years and would be delighted to take you on this journey.

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Sail Komodo With Us

We provide Luxury Cruises at the Komodo National Park

Visit The Beautiful Komodo National Park

Both onshore and offshore, Komodo National Park is home to some rare and beautiful wildlife. Beside it’s the only place where you can get a close encounter with the iconic Komodo Dragons, it’s also a place where you can escape from the everyday life and enjoy nature at its finest. Komodo island is truly worth visiting!

Sail with us

Our sailing journeys offer the opportunity to immerse yourself into extraordinarily unique experiences out in the open sea of the Komodo Islands. we are convinced this is the best way to visit Komodo Whether it be swimming with the Manta Rays, watching the dramatic sunset over the Flores sea, exploring remote islands or making new friends – a cruise in one of our handmade wooden Phinisis is a truly extraordinary experience.


Private Charter Komodo

Both of our Samara Yachts are for available for Private Charter

The luxury Komodo Private Experience

If you are looking for a Amazingly beautiful and private experience with your Family, Friends and loved ones visiting Komodo? Then Private Charter is the Way to Go. You will enjoy the whole boat for yourself and you will be able to determine the schedule and the destinations of your Cruise. 

All the attention of the crew is focussed on creating a truly memorable experience for you while you visit Komodo. Snorkeling with mantas, visit the Komodo Dragons or just  Chilling at a bay all is up to you.

Birthdays, Anniversary, Honeymoon or just an amazing holiday! let us know what you up to and we will help you to get your best Experience   


Your second home at sea

Visit Komodo isn’t just about the destination, it’s about enjoying the journey and feeling right at home, wherever the water takes you. We’ve got all the little touches to ensure that your time on board is enjoyable, stress-free and unforgettable. The best month to visit Komodo are between March and November.


Open Trip in Komodo

We offer luxury Open trips to visit Komodo and the Komodo National Park on our Samara Yachts

Share The Experience

You like to meet other People on your Adventures? Then a Shared Trip might be the right way for you to visit Komodo.

Share the Boat with other fellow adventurers. Enjoy the Luxury of our Samara Yachts while you make friends with people from all over the World while sailing Komodo. 

Explore the Islands and the Sea in a social way and enjoy the beauty of Komodo finding likeminded people, having fun together and sharing your Stories in the evening at the dinner table.

Friends lasting a Lifetime

Friendships casted in the Fire of adventures will last for ever! So will the memories and the deep impressions you will find Visiting Komodo

What our Customers Say

“We are two families with eight people and Samara II is an amazing boat! It has plenty of room for us. The chef is great and always ready to serve us. And the captain, Mr. Stefan always ensured that we were safe. We love the crew too, they are amazingly helpful. Not just us, the parents, but also our four teenagers had a great time visiting Komodo National Park. We highly recommend Samara!”
Ferry K
“My friends and I wanted to bring our families for a relaxed but fun holiday for our four very energetic kids. We picked Samara II and we were very satisfied. We had the privilege of having Fresa as our chef since their regular chef was on holiday. Fresa made sure our meals were delicious and kids friendly. The crew was not only friendly, but they took care of our rambunctious kids, took us for a picnic on the beach, swimming and snorkeling. They even devised a rope chain link thingy to make sure the kids could just hook their hands on the rope and got towed to see the manta. The rooms were always clean and snacks were available on request. If you want to be spoiled while having a lovely holiday in Labuan Bajo, choose Samara II or its sister boat; Samara I, you will not regret it.”
Michelle A
"This is the third time we booked Samara I for a sailing holiday and as usual, we are totally satisfied. Not only by its luxury and comfort but also the kind and helpful team and crew. Before we go onboard and during the trip. Keep up the good work Samara, and see you soon.”
Ahmad Hasanela
“We were two families with a total of nine people staying for 4D3N. The four bedrooms at Samara II was perfect for us. The Samara team picked us up at the airport, arriving from Jakarta. On the quayside grocery store, before going onto the boat, we bought cold drinks to bring on the trip. Very convenient. We also included one day of scuba diving, where the scuba diving company picked us up from the boat one day and we went for diving not far away. Together with the boat crew of six people, this was one of the best trips we ever had (and we have been on many). I would definitely recommend Samara II."
“Definitely an experience that will never be forgotten! The room was always cool and the beds were clean and comfortable. Surprisingly, my children had no problem sleeping on the boat. We never had to worry about being hungry cause they serve abundant, delicious food from morning til' evening. And to top if off, the entire crew was sensational! Very friendly and never hesitated to help us and to take care of the children. Thank you for the wonderful trip, we will definitely come back again someday”
“Best crew, best chef - always making sure that the boat is nice and clean. The kids loved sitting on the deck looking at the breathtaking view of all the islands! All in all, just perfect.”
“We are very and happily satisfied with the boat facilities, especially the delicious food that they served. The crew was friendly and helpful, even though we had a little trouble with unfitting snorkeling equipment, over all my family and I really enjoyed the experience of our holiday in Flores with Samara Liveaboard”
Kenanga Wungu
“Thank you Samara for the outstanding service and absolutely delicious food! We truly enjoyed our holiday trip. Our kids had a hard time leaving the boat, knowing that the trip had ended.”
“Very well organized, incredibly lively and warm crew. Note worthy, the professional and attentive attitude to every passenger. Very knowledgable and helpful. We had an amazing experience, such as hiking, trekking and snorkeling despite the fact that we are not very "sporty", but the crew made sure we were ok every step of the way. Delicious food and great service. Thank you Samara for making this a memorable experience.”
Joe L
“Our four days on board Samara was one of the most amazingly chill holidays we’ve ever spend. From the moment we arrived at Labuan Bajo airport, untill the drop-off, they took care of everything. The boat was clean and neatly furnished, the full sized beds are comfortable, the AC was cold, the hot shower working well, and all the meals were well balanced and delicious. The crew of six on board, took good care of our group of seven. Who were always present when we needed them and they were never imposing or annoying. For the price we paid, this was excellent value.
Jet Damaso

Cruises in Komodo


We are here to take care of you

Our attentive and dedicated crew will make sure your sailing trip is unforgettable. No matter what time, day or night, you can be assured our helpful crew will attend to all your needs.

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