Get Ready to Embark on A Fascinating Journey with Mischief!

As the new sailing season started in March and we are now done with some maintenance on Mischief, we are now thrilled to announce that Mischief is now available to take you on a marvelous voyage around the waters of East Indonesia. Here’s all you need to know about the boat:

A Closer Look

Mischief was launched in 2016. Built by Konjo Boatbuilders of South Sulawesi, this graceful boat adopts traditional lines based on the Indonesian phinisi style. Mischief will remind you of the glorious days of the spice trade era. This classic look is combined with luxurious contemporary interior and furniture items that give a casual yet sophisticated ambiance all over the boat.


Mischief features a spacious, airy lounge and bar as a convivial space. There are also large outdoor spaces on the upper and main decks where you can observe the stunning view of the ocean. The dining area of Mischief is located on the aft deck, where you can feast upon delectable fusion dishes served by professional onboard chefs.


The Cabins

There are three large cabins with air conditioners. Each cabin features large windows and is positioned above the deck. The master cabin with a private terrace is located on the upper deck, while the other cabins are on the main deck. En-suite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes are available in each cabin.



Mischief’s maximum capacity is 8 persons, making this boat extraordinary for a more intimate gathering or celebration with your chosen companions.

Exquisite Hospitality, Captivating Journeys

Experience unrivaled hospitality on board Mischief, where a dedicated team of ten individuals is committed to delivering an unforgettable voyage. Our exceptional crew includes a seasoned cruise director, two skilled private chefs, and a knowledgeable dive master, ensuring that every moment of your journey is filled with delight. The galley is thoughtfully equipped with a freezer and ample storage, allowing us to curate exceptional culinary experiences, even during extended trips to remote locations in East Indonesia.


Enjoy the convenience of our comprehensive onboard laundry service, ensuring your comfort throughout the voyage.

What truly sets Mischief apart is the ability to create a personalized itinerary for private charters. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Komodo National Park, or venture further to Maumere and Alor, crafting a voyage tailored to your desires.


Take advantage of our exclusive early booking offer by clicking the button below to connect with our team and secure your charter on Mischief.


Prepare for an extraordinary blend of hospitality and captivating journeys aboard Mischief.