Diving with majestic Mantas

Manta Point

Diving with these majestic Mantas is such incredible. One of the perfect spots for those who love nature and specially the underwater life is Manta Point in Labuan Bajo. The name of these majestic animals is spanish and means “blanket”. Not really complicated, right? Manta is quite a gentle giant, because they are not dangerous and have shown a curious behavior at human approach. Most of them accept divers right next to them. They love to swim elegantly in a sea currents with a big group.

How to explore the majestic Mantas

The best way to explore manta point is surely swimming, snorkeling or diving with Mantas. Please also keep accompanied with the guide to keep you safe. Mantas will not really hurt you, but they can also give you a little tips. Chilling out with these incredible animals will always put you a smile on your face. The Mantas will float thru the underwater world like they cannot see you and this will give you feelings of pure nature. But there are other opportunieties than diving with Mantas. If you want to watch them from one of our boats, we can recomment this as a good choice, too. You can chill out onboard while having a exclusive afternoon view. Of course, there is always a good choice on whichever you choose! We will ensure that you have everything you need to be happy when sailing with Samara! 



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