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The Ultimate Sailing Trip Checklist

If you want to arrange vacation on a Charter Yacht with your family and friends in Komodo, there are some preparations to consider. Therefore a Checklist for Komodo is practical to ensure yourself to be ready. Chartering a Yacht like Samara to sail in Indonesia is a exclusive adventure and therefore you should not forget to prepare you for the trip. As the boat includes the skipper and all the supplies, all you need to do is to make your sailing packing list.

The ultimate sailing trip checklist for Komodo:
  1. Understand your sailing itinerary; The freedom that comes with chartering a boat is an incredible bonus, so start doing some research about the place that you want to be.
  2. Bring the right luggage for your boat trip; Because with having limited cabin space it is better to bring an appropriately sized backpack or duffel bag.
  3. Do not forget your Trekking shoes; You need a decent pair of shoes to explore the Komodo National Parks Islands like Padar or Rinca and Gili Lawa.
  4. You need A hat; Bring a nice one that actually fits and looks good on your pictures.
  5. Have a Jumper; The breeze can be quite cool during the evening hours. Bring something to stay warm.
  6. Pack an evening outfit; Bring something nice to dress up for the romantic evenings on the boat.
  7. Toiletries; don’t forget your Toothbrush.
  8. Bring your Camera; Be careful! Salt water will can spread everywhere. Make sure you bring a decent case.
  9. Your Charger; No one can live without their gadgets. Right?
  10. Sunscreen and Bikini; it’s a must!
  11. Fins & Google; It is always better to have your personal snorkeling equipment

With this Checklist for Komodo, you should be ready to head for your trip. Let us know when you like to come and we will be ready for you and your Family!

View at Komodo National Park
The views at the Komodo National Park are absolutely astounding.



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